Commercial Handyman Service

Commercial Contracting in Tallahassee

From business cubical assembly, carpentry, and drywall repairs to power washing, we are your complete solution for handyman help. The look of your business is as important as the prices.
handy tracy Commercial power washingCommercial power washing in Tallahassee
We can power wash your lot and brickwork and keep you looking fine. Our power washing service is more than a guy with a hose. We use professional equipment and we use it right. The jet force of the water can gouge concrete and wood and you have to be careful. We are careful. Need your work vehicles cleaned? Call for an estimate.


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We eliminate the need for individual specialists or handymen for hire who lack the same experience and professionalism. Whether your needs call for a single visit or a maintenance schedule, we’re all business. Our people will came and your problem will be solved, simple as that. We know Tallahassee Florida, and we live here too. We know that a successful business here has to show it is a serious business. Being clean and bright is important for your customers trust, if nothing else. We can do this once a year, once every other month, or even only once in a while, yet it is always worth it.