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handy tracy“Don’t mess with the rest…Call the best”

This is more than just a bold statement. It’s my promise to use only the best products and provide the best service possible.handy tracy tallahassee
-Tracy Roberts, Owner


With more than twenty years of home improvement experience, we have the know how to turn your home improvement dreams into reality.

Got nightmares? We can fix those too. This bathroom was a total mess and it turned out great. It is now useable and an asset to the home and customer. It didn’t cost them an arm and a leg, either.

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Selecting the right company for your home or business handyman needs is not unlike selecting the right menu for a catering event.
You wouldn’t prepare items suggested by the local fast food restaurant just as you shouldn’t make decisions based on your local big
box DIY store. Some projects need specialized experience and tools, and it requires an eye for bringing beauty into the work. We want our finished work to be beautiful as well as functional…We know you want this too. I do not promise to be less expensive than a man in a pick-up truck with an old hammer, but I do promise the work I do will exceed your expectations. I can promise that because the work must meet my expectations, and I am a professional, and a damn picky one at that.

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You’re home or business says a lot. We listen. With free estimates, flexible arrangements and years of experience, why not have us take a look at your next project?

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Pressure washed the entire exterior of my white vinyl home in Marianna, FL. Member Comments: I am very happy with the end result. Mr. Roberts sent one of his workers out to perform the work as we had discussed prior. There was a bit of equipment malfunction but that was remedied in a very timely manner and the work was completed. The worker was very considerate and did a great job. I am hoping to use this provider in the future.
Patricia R.

Full home painting and multiple repairs. Member Comments: Tracy Roberts provided excellent service. His crew did an excellent job repairing many difficult issues in my old home. They also did an amazing job repainting the entire interior and exterior of the home. The remodeling of our deck was also very impressive. Overall, I am very satisfied with the price, work and with how quickly the work was done. The home now looks beautiful and ready for sale! Thanks Tracy!
Ryan O.